Documentary Series | Amazon Prime Video | 2020 – Current


Embark on an intellectually riveting exploration with our eight-part documentary series, globally available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Delve into the mystique of historic locales, reputedly imbued with spectral energies, as four seasoned filmmakers employ the precision of scientific paranormal investigation to unravel the enigmatic interplay between the corporeal and the ethereal. Our cinematic journey centers around the poignant inquiry: Can humanity authentically communicate with our departed loved ones?

This immersive series unfolds across the picturesque landscape of Door County, Wisconsin, a renowned region within the Midwest’s heart. As the filmmakers navigate the complexities of documenting paranormal phenomena, they employ a sophisticated blend of cutting-edge scientific methodologies and intuitive storytelling. The series invites viewers into a captivating dialogue between the tangible and the metaphysical, challenging preconceived notions and provoking contemplation on the mysteries that lie beyond the threshold of our understanding. Engage with this enlightening odyssey that transcends the conventional boundaries of paranormal exploration, expanding the realms of possibility within the captivating domain of Door County, Wisconsin.

Season One – Produced (2020)
Season Two – In Development

DIRECTED BY: Michael Brown
PRODUCED BY: Michael Brown, and Angela Olson
PRODUCTION TEAM: Michael Brown, Angela Olson, and Todd Dehring