Our Video Production Journey: From Lens to Screen

Led by Director of Photography and filmmaker Michael Brown, we don’t just capture scenes; we craft visual experiences. Our video production journey is a harmonious blend of artistry and technical precision, ensuring each frame is a testament to our passion for storytelling.

Pre-Production: Crafting the Blueprint

Every compelling story begins with a blueprint. In pre-production, we lay the groundwork for your vision. We plan meticulously, ensuring that every shot is storyboarded and every scene is mapped out with precision. We use what we think is the best documentary-style camera that money can buy from the Sony Cinema line. We use the Sony FX9 and Sony A7IV cameras, ready and poised to bring this vision to life.

Production: Capturing the Magic

Under the illuminating lights of production, our cameras spring into action. The Sony FX9, our A-cam, is the maestro of imagery, offering full-frame sensor capabilities and 16 Bit RAW output that encapsulates your story in the richest detail. Whether it’s the subtle expression of a character or the dynamic action of a scene, the FX9 captures it all with an unparalleled depth of color and clarity.

Complementing the FX9, the Sony A7IV operates as our B-cam, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed. Its agility and formidable image quality make it the perfect accomplice in our visual symphony.

Our lens arsenal, including the versatile Sony 24-70mm and the telephoto might of the Sony 70-200mm II, provides us with a canvas as broad as your imagination. With these tools, we zoom in on the intimate, pull back to reveal the grandeur, and slide between focal lengths to narrate your story’s ebb and flow.

Post-Production: Sculpting the Final Piece

With the raw beauty captured on camera, post-production is where we sculpt the final piece. The captured 16-bit RAW footage from the Sony FX9 ensures that we have the highest dynamic range at our disposal, allowing for a post-production canvas that can accommodate your vision’s scale and color palette.

The Art of Lens Filters: Shaping the Atmosphere

Our variety of lens filters, including the cinematic gimmer glass, allows us to manipulate textures and light, adding that ethereal film quality that elevates the visual narrative. Whether it’s softening skin tones, enhancing the natural light, or creating an ambiance that supports the story, our filters are the silent narrators of our film’s tone.

Bringing Your Vision Full Circle

Our commitment to excellence in video production is unwavering, as is our dedication to the technology that brings your vision full circle. From the first script read-through to the final cut, Hungry Lion Productions ensures that the story you want to tell is not just seen but is genuinely experienced.